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Saturday, August 20, 2022

20 Businesses You Can Start With 20k in College Life - Jobidea24

20 Businesses You Can Start With 20k in College Life - Jobidea24

20 Businesses You Can Start With 20k in College Life - Jobidea24

Lack of money is a common excuse many people give for not starting a business, but a lack of ideas is a worse problem you must consider.

There are businesses you can start with as little as 20,000, but if you have yet to learn what to do with 20,000, you may find creating a small business the most complex.

So if you've always thought about starting a small business, money and ideas shouldn't be your problem again. Just check your bank account. If you get N20k you are not spending now, you can start a profitable business that will give you accurate financial freedom.

1. Bed/bed production

Go to Lagos Island or Oshodi where they sell the material in bulk, choose a good design and I tell you the people who will sew it for you are in that market. You can start with less than 100k and grow your money diligently.

2. Shirt production

A sweet side hustle. Have a tailor in Lagos Island or learn better skills, it will save you all the heartache you can imagine. Taiwo Street in Lagos Island is where you need to be. Materials from 700 - 1k per form, sewing for 1500/2k, sell for 5-7k.

3. Sale of men's underwear

Plan a trip to the Abba market, the production cost of boxers, you can get one for less than N300, all you need to do is pack it in 3s, and market, these babies the right way on Twitter Ask a friend for RTs, we buy 3s. Pack boxers for 1500-2500 Sell you for 1200 Increase slowly.

4. E-Payments and POS Business

You can get a POS machine from your bank and enable online banking: If you live in a place where there aren't many banks, you can handle e-payments for people and make your own change. Am I paying someone N200 to withdraw 10k in Ikorodu? The ATM queue was insane.

5. Mobile and electronic accessories

Mobile and electronic accessories like bags, chargers, USB cables, HDMI cables, earphones, and many more can be bought on Alibaba, Ali Express, Dell Extreme, etc.  And they are light, so shipping will not be a burden.

6. Popcorn machine

We all know this guy! We buy every time. Bags of corn - mile 12, labeled nylon, sugar, salt, and butter. The beauty of it is that when it's done right, its aroma will attract its customers. Manual Sealing Machine -7/9k. Popcorn Machine is 65k on Jumia. Popcorn can be served anywhere.

7. Sale and adaptation of football teams

Football team supporters always want to show how much they support a team. Contact my sister @The_Ronke. She will show you how well you survive in business. He is more than happy to train you too.

8. Snail breeding

Snail farming in Nigeria is even more popular because of its relatively cheap start-up costs and if you market your product well, your business will grow. This is a business that you can start from your own backyard. The best part is that snails take about a year to mature, so patience is key!

9. Substantially used goods

Reasonably used items like jeans, tops, t-shirts, shoes, etc. They can be bought from Badagry, even Cotonou. 100k you can't get a bale, but you can pick and mix them. Then wash and pack neatly. That's all there is to marketing, you want to sell and watch your money grow.

10. Cleaning

Some people find it difficult to clean their apartments because they are busy from Monday to Friday and have commitments on Saturday and just want to relax on Sunday. Your tool will cost you less than 30,000 and you can clean 6 apartments in a weekend.

11. Homemade food and delivery

You can cook a variety of meals well and employ customer service, people will pay good money for your services, and you can run this from home @Soup_A_Market and @Marrgarritah are more than capable when it comes to training you on how to start up.

12. Digital marketing

The success of any business lies in its ability to effectively reach out to its teeming customers and this is achieved through effective marketing: Get a used laptop and smartphone, temporarily your smartphone can double as your hotspot Persistence and passion are key.

13. Cakes and confectionery

This is a company that always comes to play, people celebrate and bakers are always consulted. Ask my boss here @mycreamydelight Get the necessary skills, a decent oven, passion, and customer service! You will grow! They are also open for training.

14. Aso-Oke beading and stoning

Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning have sometimes become fashionable now and this is another cute business you can start with 100k. You just need to learn how to bead and unlock your creative mind. Ask my PADI @wuragold2 The Also Oke Girl. She spoke from the confines of her home in IB.

15. Pearl production

I'm not sure there's much to say here. All you need is training, passion, creativity, unique designs and styles, and then appropriate marketing. You definitely don't need 100k to start this.

16. Home service Hairdresser

This is another profitable small business. The beauty of this is that you bring your services to your customers for an additional token above the normal. The seed capital to get the equipment and I'm sure you know we have rechargeable clippers.

17. Tutorial Classes

Regardless of your age, this is another well-paying job, either part-time or full-time. Many families are willing to spend whatever it takes for their children's success, and there is one subject you are well-versed in. Just plug the gap and meet their needs for a fee.

18. Internet Services

Forget the vast coverage of the internet and the fact that people can rate it on their phones. Do you know how much applicants pay just to fill out Jamb applications online? You need a good system, printer, and internet provider. People pay as much as 1000 per application.

19. Production of Zobo, Smoothies, & small chops, cupcakes

You will realize that the importance of this combination cannot be discounted. You can provide these services with 100,000 seed capital + proper marketing, branding, and packaging. @aisinshugga @DojaCulinary can train you.

20. Making handmade cards

Do you know that people pay good money for these things made of paper and straw boards? This is a business you can start with less than 100k. My friend @CraftsVillageNG started from her bedroom! And his cards went a long way.

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