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Sunday, August 28, 2022

4 Smart Ways to Get Freelance Clients From Your Blog

4 Smart Ways to Get Freelance Clients From Your Blog

Have you been blogging for a few months but can't earn your first dollar online?

Do you need help determining how to monetize your budding blog?

So freelancing may be an option.

It doesn't matter if you're a writer, a designer, in the fishing industry, or marketing; someone out there needs your freelancer services.

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular these days, and it can be a great way to make money blogging without having to wait that long.

Daniel even freelanced when he started as a blogger and recommended it in more than a few of his articles as an effective way to make money fast.

A recent guest post posted here by guest author Tom Ever, who has been a full-time freelance blogger for some time now, emphasized the importance of having a blog, and Tom specifically made this his first point.

You are not alone, and I agree!

I last freelanced over a year ago because most of my clients come to me from my blog, and my entire freelance business is based on my blog.

It may sound like a bit, but my blog alone generated a 5-figure income in 2011 (a little over $50,000), my first year as a freelance writer.

This article will share four intelligent ways to get customers from your blog.

First step…

Although offering your services as a freelancer may seem easy, I want you to know that it is not.

Adopting the mindset that being self-employed is easy is the wrong way to start.

Not everyone can be a successful freelancer, but everyone has the opportunity to be.

This is why the first step is essential and should be noticed.

The first step you need to consider when trying to be successful as a freelancer with your blog is to be able to deliver results.

This step is crucial, and most of the tips in this article depend on it.

Here are four great ways to get freelance clients from your blog.

Tip #1: Criticize a great but poor product or company

As a professional, you've encountered one or two popular sites that need a lot of improvement.

It could be a corporate site, and it could be a popular blog.

If you're a freelance writer, your copy could use some improvement. And if you're a designer, they probably need a design change.

You can take things one step further by critiquing these websites on your blog and discussing what is wrong with them and how much the changes might affect your bottom line.

In most cases, representatives of these companies will leave a comment to thank you for criticizing the site, and some of them may even consult with you to resolve the issue.

Most importantly, other customers will notice you and hire you to help their business.

He has an option where bloggers pay him to criticize his website openly. This helps critical bloggers get more traffic and exposure and helps them get more business.

Note: When criticizing websites on your blog, consider the importance of a positive attitude. There is a difference between criticizing and insulting; insulting another brand under the guise of "criticism" will not help you get any customers. It will send them away from you.

Tip #2: Start writing impactful articles

These types of blog posts are still relevant years after they are published.

It could be for a year, two, or even decades.

In other words, these posts follow more than just a popular trend.

This type of blog post is known as evergreen content and what Daniel calls killer articles.

They are poles with a very long, useful life, and they are the specialty of a teacher.

In other words, these posts are very detailed, informative, easy to read and understand, and, most importantly, contain examples.

An example of this type of post that I wrote on my blog a year ago is my Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging. This post was written over a year ago and is still being sent to my clients.

The more effort you put into developing evergreen content, the more value you'll get in the long run.

Once you've published your impactful article, add a short note below the paper asking people to hire you if they want to use your services.

Tip #3: Write a case study about your success

What are the best and most successful projects you have worked on?

This can be a great source of additional freelance clients for you, whether gratis or paid.

Many of us work on projects with freelance clients. Then we need to remember it without collecting testimonials and, more importantly, asking permission to publish your success as a case study.

Every case study you write increases your chances of getting hired.

Let your case study document your approach to solving a particular problem common in your industry, and then explain the results you're achieving.

Remember to include a short note with your case study to let readers know you're available for hire.

Tip #4: Leverage key pages on your blog

I've been following Derek Halpern for a while now, and he has excellent advice regarding increasing conversions, especially with email marketing.

A key piece of advice that Derek regularly gives to bloggers and marketers when he criticizes their blogs is effectively using different key aspects/pages to gain subscribers.

In other words, don't just add a form to your sidebar and expect subscribers to come in; don't just create a landing page.

I am of the same philosophy when it comes to getting freelance clients; Only then he won't have a signup form but a subtle note telling people he's a freelancer.

Your About page is the most popular page on your blog, followed by your Contact page. Why not use these two landing pages to attract more clients to your freelance business?

Put a little note on every significant page of your blog to let people know you're hired. On that note, include a link to your Hire Me page and your portfolio; your chances of getting hired will increase significantly.


Freelancing is one of the best ways to make quick money online, and blogging can effectively generate freelance clients.

I hope the above tips are helpful to you.

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