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Monday, September 26, 2022

5 Productivity Blogs You Should Read Every Day

5 Productivity Blogs You Should Read Every Day

5 Productivity Blogs You Should Read Every Day - Jobidea24

The Internet contains interesting information, including special tools and step-by-step instructions for building anything. In recent years, blogs have become one of the best sources on the Internet to provide top personal accounts of how ordinary people have achieved a remarkable change in their lives. Overall, blogs that offer life-hacking tips are the most effective for changing and improving lives.

So, if you're looking for real inspiration online and want to know what blogs you should follow or resources you should read, here are some established health hacks, habits, and personal development. And there is a quick list of new blogs.

Zen Habits

Zen Habits is one of the most-read blogs on how to change old habits and create new ones. Run by Leo Babauta, the blog was founded in 2007. Initially, Zen Habits focused on providing advice on productivity and living an organized life. However, it is gradually moving towards advising on how to live a simple and uncluttered life.

Zen Habits is a minimalist blog where Leo advocates for elimination in various areas of life. Zen Habits is the best choice for anyone looking for advice on learning and developing new habits, as it focuses on making life easier and living more frugally. Leo also offers his Sea Change program to help his readers create new habits.


The blog you are currently reading was started by Leon Ho and is one of the biggest blogs on giving tips and life hacks. Lifehack.org offers hundreds of daily tips on improving your life and becoming more organized. Hundreds of bloggers provide tips on various niches, and best of all, this blog is updated daily, thus providing timely tips on almost any life hack daily.

Choose a brain

This blog offers advice on motivation and success. The dedicated self-updating site also accepts blog posts from various authors. Brain Picking is particularly good because of the overall simplicity of the design and the type of content uploaded. Accurately supported by a vibrant community, Picking Brains is a must-have for anyone looking to gain insight into the minds of a large group of bloggers who offer personal tips on success and motivation.

Health issues.io

This blog is relatively new. However, it is regularly updated with interesting features and new posts. With a simple design, the blog focuses mainly on girls, and most posts are life hack tips for girls and teenagers. One person still runs the blog, but it will take off over time based on the content posted.

Social worker

Lifehacker is owned by Gawker Media and is one of the leading traffic sites offering life-hacking tips and other information technology content. It is constantly being updated, and the best thing about this blog is the mix of hacks and IT-related hacks commonly used to gain productivity. 

The blog was founded by Gina Trapani and was a one-person blog until 2005 when she started and other contributors joined. Lifehacker now has multiple international editions. However, most of the material is from the American edition.

Above is a simple list of productivity and life hack blogs that can add much value to your life if you read them regularly and follow the advice given. In addition to their entertaining content, these blogs are very important if you want to save money, become more productive, and learn to do new things yourself.

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