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Monday, September 26, 2022

Are you willing to take the risk? - Jobidea24

Are you willing to take the risk? - Jobidea24

Are you willing to take the risk - Jobidea24

Are you willing to take the risk?

Why I decided to return to this topic. Although I have discussed this more than once in my posts? I re-read my recent books and realized that I talked a lot about opportunities that still exist online and have recently come up in real life. Every opportunity means a potential profit. But as I said earlier, profit always goes hand in hand with risk.

They always run parallel, and there are no risky opportunities and no risk where you don't have a chance to reap a potential reward. Even the craziest people who seem to spend time risking their lives for something develop tremendous nerves, which in their case is the reward. You walk a narrow path between skyscrapers without insurance - then you remember the adrenaline rush for the rest of your life.

You organize a threesome in a Kenyan closet, remember the best sex for the rest of your life, and treat chlamydia. This is all for those who love thrills and emotional twists, but how will things improve for those who want to make decent money on the darknet?

What are our biggest risk factors?

Of course, if you're doing something slightly legal, the top priority is to remain anonymous. That's why I asked my friends to write something on this important aspect of our business when I started writing here. I have touched on this topic more than once. What are the risks? The answer is obvious – as long as nobody knows what you're doing, you're safe. There is an immediate serious risk when your real IP address is exposed, or you leave your digital fingerprint somewhere. So, always remember the safety rules.

Next, I will point out the dangers of wasting money and time. It's not possible to lump these resources into one category. Still, the initial value of time and purchasing power only comes with age and experience, and since I think most of my audience is young, it will not happen. The big mistake is to combine facts that are great into one.

The world of the dark web is not that different from the world around us in real life. Survival of the fittest. Attack if you want to survive. Sharks are all around, and you come across as a small fish. Naturally, you can survive worldwide by expanding your objective in several species or even all areas simultaneously. Information is one of the most important tools that can be turned into experience, skills, and ultimately money to help your career! And the first two people to come across the area aren't even fish but plankton. Knowing and understanding this fact can save you from making big first-time mistakes and losing time and money.

I will note one more important point. Working online doesn't help you develop social skills. Of course, the world is changing, and remote work is becoming more common. Still, even so, in a typical job, communication with colleagues is inevitable, even if you work from home. In our field, everyone tries to hide their identity and personal information as much as possible. Communication becomes purely business-oriented and results-oriented. Such things can cause some psychological and social problems. Life does not occupy young minds, but soon everyone is thinking about it. After all, why do we need mass purchasing power if the main source of expenditure is medicine?

Forewarned is a handful!

If I had followed the advice I was sharing with you earlier, I would have had far fewer stressful days in my life, I wouldn't have made terrible mistakes, and I wouldn't have lived as long. I find It gets harder with time. I don't want to say that I have any regrets or disappointments. Still, I would change my approach to learning and processing information at the beginning of the journey if I knew how important these factors are to achieving success. Are important. Learn, explore, explore!

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