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Sunday, September 4, 2022

5 useful tools to make you read faster like a Pro - Jobidea24

5 useful tools to make you read faster like a Pro - Jobidea24

Some believers read fast, and skeptics who read fast. methods for eliminating subvocalization, from skimming to chunking, and many readers are enthusiastic. Whether you're a voracious reader or want to cram a good read into a warp drive, many articles show interest in this method. Interested in speed reading but have yet to try it? Here are five quick reading tools and websites to get you started.

1. Squirt

Squirt is a web app for speed reading that you install (by install, I mean drag a link) into your bookmarks bar. It was recently updated to work with Gmail and HTTPS sites like Medium.com. Once you reach the page you want to read quickly, click on the Squirt bookmarklet, and it will start immediately, giving you a few seconds to read before the software begins. Adjust the speed according to your level, and voilà!

2. Spritz

Spritz is another web app that focuses you on one letter of each word as the app minimizes your eye movement across the screen, allowing you to read faster. The Spritz website also explains that the technology can "embed images, maps, videos, and websites for more effective communication," Your speed and status can be adjusted.

3. Spreeder

Spreeder is a free web application from eReflect that sells speed-learning software for about $80. Skip the expensive packages and scan online content with this app. You can copy and paste your text on the Spreeder site or save the Spreeder sheet, and when you have something you want to read quickly, highlight the text and "Spread!" Click and connect to your browser, which opens Spreeder in a new tab/window to your reader.

4. Outread

This iOS app is an incredible $2.99 ​​(which can cost up to $80 for no reason) and a great way to turn your iPhone or iPad into a speed-reading device. Read web pages, books, eBooks, and reading materials like Pocket or Instapaper at high speed on your Apple device. It can be highly customized using multiple font sizes, reflecting size, and reading speed. Other features like offline mode, filters, and interface design make this an excellent app for three bucks!

5. Eyercize

Although it appeared in beta, Eyercize is a free bookmarking tool that did not make it into a fully paid product that should have features other than a quick reading tool. This "reading" piece of paper works by adding different pronunciations of three or four words at a time, focusing your attention as you follow the speed of the application. Smart Hand is the ability to control the speed of the pacemaker and some other features, so you can start slowly or use fewer bold words and work your way up as you get better at speed reading.

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