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Thursday, September 22, 2022

10 Best Upwork Jobs for Beginners - Jobidea24

10 Best Upwork Jobs for Beginners - Jobidea24

10 Best Upwork Jobs for Beginners - Jobidea24

Best Upwork Jobs for Beginners


10 Best Upwork Jobs for Begineer, If you're brand new to Upwork and have a new account. Here are some activities you can consider to start making money.


1. Grunt work


That's a very broad category but it covers the easiest types of upwork jobs for beginners that are out there.


The thing is, some clients like Upwork are willing to pay people to do things they don't have time or patience for.


More often than not, these are low-paying, labor-intensive jobs that…well…


But, for a startup job, this might be what you're looking for.


Take a look at the sample work I found today:

The gig involved finding 60 small and medium-sized bloggers and putting their introductions into a spreadsheet...


There are tips on it, so it's a competitive one, but if you hustle with $10-$15 (being under budget) you can get the job done.


Upwork for beginners, alas, is sometimes a race to the bottom like this, but that's part of the growing pains.


Another easy Upwork job I found that pays a lot of money. Requires you to post pre-published articles for the newsletter.


These types of simple jobs are all over Upwork, so do some digging and don't be afraid to bid to get some proof.


2. Location-based Jobs


Upwork is a competitive market.


Yet, location-based searches are an easy way to narrow down your competitive fleet.


For example, this client spent over $300,000 developing a new travel tour program for a group of European cities.


And, guess what: If you live in a city and get paid to commute for a while, you can pay to test the app:

The guy also recruits 50 freelancers.

As long as you can travel to and live in one of the dozens of cities where the app is available, you're golden.

These types of Upwork jobs pop up all the time.

Sometimes people need a photographer, an interviewer, or a specific image of something in the city.

If you live there, you've scored Upwork's easiest job yet!


Online transcription involves transcribing stories into audio files.

Online typing jobs are usually low-paying gigs. Unless you practice a lot and use equipment like a typing pad and software to improve your accuracy and WPM.

But, when it comes to Upwork jobs for beginners, writing is a recommended method.

After all, if you can write, you can land a writing gig.

Upwork is also full of writing jobs, many of which advertise themselves as :

Again, this won't be the highest-paying gig, but it's another job that people often want to outsource.


As with location, I was the founder of Upwork, I remember getting a job that paid people to read 100 different words in English.

The bid was lost because of how easy the job was, but it shows you the kind of work you can get on Upwork. Location-based jobs, search for jobs in your native language. Can help you narrow down your competition in your first Upwork job search.

Today, English is the most popular language on the Upwork freelancing platform.

But you can search for specific languages ​​in the search bar to find functions for other languages ​​you speak.

This can lead you to translation work or general Upwork-type work, in another language.

5. Voice Recording

Research groups, audiobook authors, and incredible companies sometimes need audio clips for something. In these cases, they often turn to Upwork for cheap labor.

Trust me, you don't need to be an expert voice actor: you can find tons of voice recording jobs for beginners on Upwork.

6. Content writing

Many SEO professionals like to start niche blogs, and then outsource most of the article writing. Because they are not skilled writers themselves.

Many times, this means they post article writing programs on websites like Upwork to try and find writers.

Now, if there's one thing I can tell you as a full-time freelance writer. It's that you don't want to rely on Upwork for your long-term writing ideas.

Best of all, things like starting your own blog, or writing on Medium can help you build portfolios, and get editors to land better-paying gigs.

But if you want to start making money on Upwork as a beginner, a cheap content writing job is about as easy as it gets.

Pro Upwork Tips: make sure you apply for jobs that are thorough and quick so you can get reviews on your profile.

Some Upwork clients earn lucrative positions as ebook writers or ghostwriting novels.

These projects can take weeks or months, so stick to essay-type assignments of 500 - 2,000 words for quick reference.

7. Data Entry

My main Upwork job at the moment is a way to import data and competitive research, and it pays pretty decently.

Plus, at its core, data entry is a really simple line of work that's perfect if you're just getting started on Upwork.

There are always external data entry tasks. They suck a bit, but hey, it's a pretty straightforward way to trade time for money.

Also, you may find that some niches have a lot of data entry-type work available. which is useful if you want to expand further into that niche after you have some proof.

Again, remember to apply for jobs that have an end in sight so you can get a good review on your profile as soon as possible.

8. Website and App Testing Jobs

If you're still looking for Upwork jobs for beginners, another type of job you can look for is website and app testing gigs.

Companies pay people to test websites and apps all the time because they want to ensure a good user experience at launch.

It's some kind of quality assurance job, but hey, it's one of the easiest upwork jobs out there.

Many of these user testing gigs seem complicated. But many of them are simple QA jobs that don't need a lot of skills or previous experience.

The key to the user testing role is to provide honest feedback on elements of the website or app. You like and help developers create a better experience.

If you can't find user testing gigs on Upwork, you can also try sites like UserTesting to earn extra money!


It wouldn't be possible to write a list of the best Upwork jobs for beginners without mentioning virtual assistant jobs.

Virtual Assistants are responsible for helping clients organize and manage their businesses.

Examples of common tasks that virtual assistants help with include:

  • Booking of travel arrangements

  • Data entry

  • Emailing customers or potential leads

  • Organizing meetings

  • Schedule of Appointments

  • Posting on social media

But what makes virtual assistant work an easy job on Upwork? That many listings need help with more basic tasks, like data entry or sending an email.

I've even found many VA jobs on Upwork, that need no previous work experience. So it's perfect for freelance jobs for beginners on Upwork!

Pay can reach $1,000 or more per week depending on your hours, so it's also an easy job on Upwork that can still pay very well.

10. Customer Service Jobs

A final type of simple upwork job is a customer service job.

Currently, Upwork has thousands of open jobs for customer service agents. Some of these are mobile functions. But many also have live chat and email customer support functions.

The key to this step is that many jobs have hourly requirements. This is good news if you're looking for full-time or part-time work.

Some listings want you to have some customer service experience with various CRM tools. But, there are still plenty of activities.

Pay often reaches $15 an hour or more. There are also lower-paying jobs for full-time starters or employees in foreign markets.

A quick note on simple Upwork Jobs

Part of making money on Upwork requires. You get reviews on your profile and network. Write a solid description of the services you provide and your skills.

Now, unfortunately, sometimes you have to take low-paying starter jobs to get the ball rolling.

This is true of freelance writing, and any other type of freelance writing.

Once you complete some simple tasks on Upwork and get some 5-star reviews. You will be able to compete for higher-paying jobs, so don't give up!


  1. Can beginners work on Upwork?


  1. Which skill is most in demand on Upwork?

  • Email Communication.

  • Phone Support.

  • Email Support.

  • Communication Etiquette.

  • Online Chat Support.

  • Answering Product Questions.

  • Data Entry.

  • Administrative Support.

  1. What kind of jobs can I get on Upwork?

2,500 career skill categories are available on Upwork, including writing, website development, design, accounting, customer service, mobile development, virtual assisting, consulting, marketing, and sales. Upwork earns over $1 billion annually from freelancers around the world.

  1. Is Upwork or Fiverr better?

The Fiverr platform is great for hiring short-term, while Upwork is best for longer-term jobs.

  1. Which freelancing skill is best for beginners?

  • Editing and Proofreading.

  • Social Media Management.

  • Social Media Marketing.

  • Customer Service.

  • Transcription.

  • Email Work.

  • Video Scriptwriter.

  • Graphic Design.

Conclusion and what follows

Technology, programming, analytics, and data science careers are in demand now more than ever. With the rapid introduction of new technologies and platforms that show no signs of slowing down anytime soon, tech-focused career trends should continue to expand well into the future. Are you looking for your next freelance job or looking to become an independent professional? Millions of businesses use the Upwork job marketplace to hire top freelance talent in hundreds of roles, including all the positions on this top 30 list. Plus, more than 10,000 free jobs are posted on Upwork daily, giving you plenty of opportunities to find the right job matching your skills and goals.

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